We are a full service company for your business and home maintenance.

Check our our amazing services and contact us for a quote or any questions you may have.



We can help you with the irrigation systems. Let’s work together on this.


We will make sure your garden looks amazing during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


Construction cleaning, Landscape cleaning, party cleaning and property cleaning.

Tree Trimming

We will trim your trees every year during the fall season to make sure they are ready for the strong wings.

Lawn Yard Maintenance

Let’s make sure that lawn is evergreen, in shape. We will optimize your water system.

Fruit Trees

We will tell you what fruits do well in desert cities. All cirtrus love the heat of the desert.

Flower Beds

Spring and Fall are great for a new complete full set of new flowers for your gardens.

Ground Leveling

You might need a hand with those home projects. Lets make sure you get the right assistance yo clean.


Estate Management

The Estate Manager is an administrative service professional who possesses a mature and seasoned knowledge of Service Management Systems, expertise with multiple homes.

Property Management

We will check your property for private and commercial sites.

Exterior Property Management

It is so important to supervise it.

Rental Vacations

Yes! We can do this too.


Pool Cleaning Service

We can do pool start ups and take care of maintenance.

Home Cleaning Service

Weekly, Monthly and one time services available.

Deep House Cleaning

Another level of cleaning. You will love it!

Window Cleaning

Let us give you a quote to clean all your windows at home of office.

Janitorial and Office Service

Yes, we can take care of your home and office.

We do business property cleaning, including proficient workplaces, and modern business

Private Staffing for Home Events

Need a hand for your party? We can help. We have referrals upon request.

You can be a homeowner or a Business Property Manager and you will always see that we know how to care of you and your place. We know how important is to have peace of mind of every aspect of your life and environment and we are very conscious about it. And that is why we aver 100% dedicated to service and customer service. Always taking care of phone calls and preparing your place for anytime event or daily basis.

Customer Satisfaction Always come first.

“Cesar and Lulu are a great couple! They know their business and I don’t have to worry about my property anymore”.

– Beth and James, Rancho Mirage, CA

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Let's Build Your Dream Garden Together

So many options for your garden style: Desert, Tropical, Asian, Mexican and always our signature designs. We will always work with you hand to hand to make sure we see your landscape vision.